Trent Claughton - President & CEO

Prior to co-founding Capexco Inc., Mr. Claughton had been a founder, principal, or partner of a number of successful investment and financial services companies across North America and Europe including: Mercer Capital Inc., Canax Energy Inc., Intercontinental Energy Brokers Limited (a London, England based institutional commodity dealer), Optimum Energy Brokers Inc., Natsource, and Tullet-Prebon. Mr. Claughton began his financial services career by developing and publishing a market analysis commentary distributed daily to institutional traders across North America. Mr. Claughton earned a BA and studied Law at the University of Calgary.

Denny Chow – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chow has extensive Chief Financial Officer experience in both private and publicly listed corporations including: the CFO of Firmus Contracting Inc. - which provides construction services for major industrial, commercial, and residential multifamily real estate projects, the CFO of Morro Bay Resources Ltd, and the CFO of RMS Systems Inc. (an energy equipment and services company) from September 2008 to November 2013. He was also the Corporate Controller of Teine Energy Ltd. from February 2006 to June 2011. Mr. Chow is a Chartered Accountant.

Jim Klus – Vice President Development & Construction

Jim Klus joined Capexco as an expert in real estate development and construction. Jim is an innovative business professional with proven experience in business management of both start-up and established companies in the construction industry. Jim has construction and project management experience in the hospitality sector, mixed use residential, commercial, modular and industrial buildings, as well as developing energy efficient building systems.



Patti DeDominicis

Mrs. DeDominicis is a co-founder and Director of Capexco. Ms. DeDominicis is also the founder of Firmus Contracting Inc.. Firmus is a family owned, multigenerational, market leading firm with over 50 years of industry experience in building concrete structures. Firmus has participated in construction projects totaling over $1 Billion. Firmus projects include some of the largest and highest profile projects in Calgary and surrounding areas, including: Concord Pacific’s - The Concord; Qualex-Landmark - Park Point; Hon Developments - The Guardian; Bucci’s - Kensington; and Trico’s - Viridian. Their clients are among the most reputable developers and builders in the country. Mrs. DeDominicis is also the founder DeDominicis Enterprises Inc, a vertically integrated firm focused on investment and development of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. Mrs. DeDominicis is on the board of The Brawn Family Foundation and Empowering Minds Foundation. Mrs. DeDominicis holds a BSc in Business Management. For more information on Firmus Contracting Inc. see www.firmuscontracting.ca

Dave Hall

Mr. Hall is a founding shareholder and Director of Capexco. Mr. Hall has been active in real estate development and project management for the last 15 years. He has lead and overseen the successful completion of many real estate development projects in BC, Alberta, and Washington State during that period. Mr. Hall has also had a large amount of success in private and publicly traded oil and gas ventures. He is currently the General Partner of a 55,000 SF hospitality development project in Canmore where he is responsible for managing the construction and overseeing the development management team. Mr. Hall has a Bachelor of Science and Engineering.

John M. Bowlen

Mr. Bowlen is the co-owner and a director of the Denver Broncos, of the National Football League (NFL), along with his brother Pat Bowlen. Mr. Bowlen has also served served as the CEO and President of Regent Resources Ltd.,. a Director of Regent Resources, Breaker Energy, and PDB Sports, Ltd. Mr. Bowlen is an alumni of Nortre Dame where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration.




Salvatore Giantomaso

Mr. Salvatore Giantomaso is a founding shareholder and Advisor to Capexco. Mr. Giantomaso is the Co-founder and Principal of Newway Group. Newway Group is one of North America's leading commercial, residential, and civil builders focused on architecturally exposed concrete and complex concrete structures. Newway's portfolio of landmark projects includes: the Stantec Tower, a 66 story mixed-use building in Edmonton, AB; The Shangri-La, a 62 story tower, Vancouver, BC; The Bow Tower, Calgary, AB - longest continuous concrete pour in the history of Canada, 3rd in the world; The Pinnacle Towers, San Diego, CA; The Electra Towers, San Diego, CA; The Insignia Towers, Seatle, WA; The Gridiron Building, Seatle, WA; The Honua Kai Hotel, Maui, HI; and Lynden Pindling Airport, Nassau, BS. In addition to his executive role at Newway, Mr. Giantomaso has served on the board or as an advisor to a number public companies in Canada and the United States.

Robert (Bob) Brawn

Mr. Brawn is a founding shareholder and an Advisor to the Board of Directors of Capexco. Mr. Brawn successfully led a number of companies in the roles of President, CEO, or Chairman including: Turbo Resources, Merland Exploration, Bankeno Mines, OMV Canada, Grande Cashe Coal, Danoil Energy, Acclaim Energy Trust, Pennwest Petroleum, and Canetic Resources Trust. He is currently President of a private investment company. Mr. Brawn is currently sits on the Board of Directors for Black Diamond Group, Spruce Ridge Capital Inc., and Van Horne Institute. Mr. Brawn has been a Director of many private and public corporations: ATB Financial, United Communities Ltd., Churchill Development Ltd., the Calgary Airport Authority, and the Calgary Olympic Organizing Committee. Mr. Brawn has been Chairman of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada, Co-Chairman of the Calgary Economic Authority, Chairman of the Alberta Economic Development. Mr. Brawn was inducted into the Calgary Business Hall of Fame in 2012, is a member of the Petroleum Hall of Fame, and is the recipient of numerous awards. Mr. Brawn studied Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

David L. Gelinas

Mr. Gelinas is a founding shareholder and Advisor to Capexco. He is the President of a privately held real estate investment and development company, Moondance Land Company. Moondance is focused on the acquisition, planning, repositioning, and development of land strategically positioned in major growth corridors across Western Canada. Mr. Gelinas possesses the ability to identify accretive and under valued assets for long term investments. In addition to a successful real estate investment and development career, David also founded and has served as President of Data Trek Exploration Ltd.