Capexco evaluates opportunities by investment committee. 

our Investment Committee Criteria: 

  • Nature of Underlying Real Estate
  • Market Opportunity
  • Investment Size
  • Investment Period
  • Returns and Underwriting Standards
  • Calibre of Project Team - Capital Partners, Architects, Consultants
  • Acquisition / Construction Financing
  • Security / Control
  • Due Diligence

capexco invests and generates income three ways:


Direct investment

Direct investments target mixed-use, high density multifamily, retail, hospitality, and industrial properties in strategic geographic markets in the western United States and Canada with the following attributes:

  1. quality asset priced at a discount to replacement cost;
  2. is accretive to our yield;
  3. can be improved physically and, or, financially through hands-on management; and
  4. can be developed or redeveloped to increase income and capital value of property 



Capexco sources opportunities to invest with strategically and financially aligned development and operating partners who have the proven skills to produce premium risk weighted returns either by development or repositioning of an existing property.



Capexco will manage on behalf of third party investors: private funds, separate accounts, syndicated projects.  Capexco earns contractual and performance fees through asset management of third party capital.